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Bibliographic database of Fossil Cnidaria & Porifera
Katarzyna ZALECKA & Tomasz WRZOLEK
updated in April 2015

We present at the bibliographic database of Fossil Cnidaria & Porifera (FC&P); let us remind to all the visitors that FC&P was initiated by IASFCP in 1972 as a mean of presentation and dissemination of mostly bibliographical data concerning fossil (and living) corals and sponges and the related topics. Our database summarizes bibliographical contents of FC&P.

  • 2010: the database made its first public appearance online (and is available at the IASFCP page ever since that time); technical aspects of the database / site have been kindly elaborated by Dominik Wojtaszek
  • 2011: presentation of a poster on database by Zalecka et Wrzolek at the Liege Symposium of IASFCP
  • 2014: revision of the database and addition of contents of FC&P37 by Granier and Wrzolek
  • 2015 - January: the database has been presented in January 2015 in Carnets de Geologie 15, 2: 13-19 (, authored by Zalecka, Wrzolek et Granier
  • 2015 - April: contents of FC&P38-1, FC&P38-2, FC&P39-1 and some entries of FC&P39-2 added by Wrzolek and Krupa... We have now 8779 bibliographic notes

    Katarzyna Zalecka & Tomasz Wrzolek

  • we hope we have created a tool for students of corals and sponges, fossil and living, but also a memory to editors and correspondents of Fossil Cnidaria & Porifera and authors of listed publications
  • we hope that users of our database will help us in making corrections / supplements to its contents; if so, please refer to ID number(s) of particular record(s)

    Bibliographic database of fossil corals & stromatoporoids / Andreas MAY

    *** third edition / March 2015 / 4206 records

    Published by May in Carnets de Geologie 15, 6: 59-62. (

    ** second edition / March 2013 / 3750 records

    Dear Colleagues, Dear Visitors to IASFCP page,

    Following my first bibliographic database of January 2010, which you may find at the present page, below, I recommend to you my second base, of March 2013, with 3750 references on Devonian (with additions for Silurian and Carboniferous) corals, stromatoporoids, reefs, brachiopods etc. Many of the references are with an abstract.
    Below you will find links to 2 zipped versions of my second database.
    In case of any questions or problems with my databases please do not hesitate to contact me.

    I wish all the best to you,

    Andreas May /

    * first edition / January 2010 / 3216 records / zipped version (ca 5MB)

  • The database is a compressed ZIP file [5 115 148B] of a Microsoft ACCESS file [24 481 792B] which can be read with all versions of Microsoft OFFICE younger than OFFICE 2000. The database contains in total 3216 references. Many of them are with an abstract. Among the references 1819 are with PDF files, supplied by May. Stratigraphically, the huge majority of the references deals with the Devonian, but there are also references to the Silurian, Carboniferous and Ordovician. Main topics are corals, stromatoporoids and reefs, but also some other topics are present, like brachiopods and palaeogeography. The references can be searched by different criteria: author, year, keywords, title, etc.

  • The author states that his database does not contain any malicious code, as it has been developed by himself.

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